What We Offer

We teach from a 12 month Curriculum to ensure the highest standards of Yoga Teaching.

Class Descriptions

Each class will teach: yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and yoga poses.

Vinyasa Yoga (flow practice)

Asanas are linked together with the breath, which is the primary quality of a Vinyasa Flow Class. This is a rigorous movement practice and an excellent way to still the mind through linking breath and movement.  Flow Sequences may include sun salutations, standing poses, twists, backbends, inversions (including shoulderstand and headstand preparation).   

Yin Yoga (deep stretch practice)

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips,  spine and shoulders.  Yin postures are held for an extended period of time to allow connective tissue to hydrate, restore and heal. We take a grounded approach with an emphasis on breath work and meditation to recharge the nervous system. This practice is the perfect balance and counterpart to our more vigorous classes and to increase flexibility and range of motion to the joints.  It’s a good idea to layer and  wear warm socks in this class.

Vin/Yin (best of both worlds)

This class begins with a heat-building Vinyasa Flow practice where breath and is linked with movement.  After standing sequences, you'll move to the floor to practice Yin Yoga poses which primarily target the connective tissue. These poses utilize long holds (5-8 minutes) to increase range of motion in joints and re-hydrate fascial layers. 

Hatha Flow (strength practice)

Hatha Yoga practice enhances strength, stamina and balance by working  deeper and longer into each asana (pose).  This is a focused practice designed to encourage intelligent exploration and is perfect for strong beginners as well as seasoned yogis. These classes teach detailed alignment and are appropriate for strong beginners. There are no Vinyasas or chaturangas in this practice.

Gentle Flow and Restore (luxurious practice BEST FOR BEGINNERS!)

We integrate movement and breath to restore optimal range of motion, hydration and health to the joints and connective tissues. This class is great for Beginners and New Students. Students will learn basic stretches, breathing techniques, preparatory poses and proper alignment in a relaxed, non-competitive setting. At the end of class, we use Restorative Yoga practice and Yoga props to fully relax the body and the mind. This class is healing on all levels and a perfect weekend treat!

Sunrise Yoga (morning practice)

These classes are for early risers who like to start their day off with breath and movement.  Sunrise Yoga classes include Sun Salutations and balancing postures as a way of preparing a level head and body for the day ahead. Begin your day with movement and meditation.  

Restore and Meditate (mindful practice)

These classes are designed to reduce stress, calm the mind and passively stretch the body. We focus on meditation and breath work to reduce your body's stress response. 

Restorative yoga is a yoga method which utilizes multiple props and long hold times to passively open the mind and body. In classes at Westport Yoga, a 3 limbed approach is taken: guided + silent meditation; pranayama (breathing exercises); and 3-5 sustained postures. The body is placed in supported postures (using multiple props, such as bolsters, sandbags and blankets) that are generally held for periods between 5-15 minutes. The physical support allows the body to relax and release in order to utilize the intuitive, mind-body connection to enhance healing.  During the colder months, it’s a good idea to layer + wear socks in this class.

Personal One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Personal One-on-One Yoga Sessions are perfect for beginners who want to better understand their body mechanics in relation to yoga poses and for also for seasoned yogi’s looking to create a deeper understanding of yoga poses, cultivate a stronger awareness of the mind-body connection and alleviate chronic pain.

There are 2 types of Personal One-on-One Yoga Sessions available at Westport Yoga KC: Therapeutic Sessions with Lisa Ash Drackert, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist and Beginner’s Yoga Sessions with our excellent instructors.

All details, including pricing, can be found HERE. Contact owner Lisa Ash Drackert through our CONTACT PAGE to schedule. For more information, visit her personal website: lisaashyoga.com.

Private Group Sessions  (bachelorette and birthday parties)

We'd love to host your next event! We provide the exclusive yoga session for your group, complimentary bottled water, an essential oil massage at the end of your class and supplies for for snacks!  See Private and Group Sessions for more information. 

All our regularly scheduled classes are walk-in, you do NOT need to reserve a spot for any of our classes. Please pre-register for EVENTS AND WORKSHOPS.

We value excellence and professionalism. 

We start and end class on time. Doors open 15 minutes prior to each class; to protect you and your valuables, we lock the doors 5 minutes after class starts. Please plan to arrive on time.

We do have ONE Scholarship Membership and several Work Study positions available each quarter. Click here to download our Scholarship and Work Study Application.

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