Amie Vilt

MSEd, RYT-500

Amie Vilt is a yoga teacher, priestess-in-training, INFJ, and a passionate, embodied being on a mission to be more wild and unabashed.

A wildly creative spirit, her journey through yoga has led her to life’s greatest highs and lows, including climbing a 14,000 foot mountain on a solo journey post divorce and facing her greatest fears as a former Catholic living at an ashram with meditation practices that made her toes curl. She truly believes that yoga is an embodied art form, and her journey within has led her to live life more vibrantly out loud, both on and off the mat.

Her credit and deepest gratitude goes to her teachers: Sianna Sherman, her teacher, her wild woman, her priestess mama bear; Ashley Turner, who shows her the beautiful blend of psychology, yoga, and priestess; Max Strom, who taught her more about the invisible power of breath than she thought possible; Susanne Sterling, who jolted alive her voice from within through the power of Shakti in action; and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, for writing a book that has stood the test of 30+ years of time and remains as a manual for Amie’s unfolding. 

And, of course, her most heartfelt gratitude goes out to those who attend her classes, her retreats, and who show up, every day, to do the hard, but beautiful, work of yoga. 

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