Class Schedule


6 am:  Sunrise Yoga  with  Grace

12 pm: Hatha Yoga with Sam

6 pm: Gentle Flow and Restore  with Lisa

7:30 pm: Vin/ Yin Yoga  with Lisa


12 pm: Vinyasa Yoga   with Lisa

6 pm: Hatha Flow Yoga  with Amie

7:30 pm: Vin/ Yin Yoga with Jesse S. (last class 3/26/19)


6 am:  Sunrise Yoga  with Lisa

12 pm: Hatha Yoga  with Jesse S.

6 pm: Restore and Meditate  with Lisa

7:30 pm: Vin/ Yin Yoga with Megan


12 pm: Vinyasa Yoga with Sedona

6 pm: Hatha Yoga  with Kelly


12 pm: Yin Yoga  with Sedona

3/22 Spring Equinox Yoga Mala with Jesse D. (please pre-register.)


9 am: Hatha Flow Yoga  with Lisa

10:30 am: Vinyasa Yoga with Jesse D.

12 pm: Gentle Flow and Restore with Sam (cancelled 4/13 due to Teacher Training.)

Sunday   (closed April 21 for Easter. See Holiday Closings.)

9 am: Meditation and Myofascial Release with Lisa (first Sunday of the month only. please pre-register.)

10:30 am:  Vinyasa Yoga  with Megan (cancelled 4/14 due to Teacher Training.)

6 pm: Yin Yoga  with Sedona  

Class Details:

Morning and noon classes are 60 minutes.  Evening and weekend classes are 75 minutes.

Classes are first come- first serve. You do not need to reserve a spot.  Studio doors open 15 minutes prior to  class. To ensure safety, we lock doors about 5 minutes after class starts. Please respect your fellow students and teachers by arriving on time.