Grace headshot.JPG

Grace Duckworth

eRYT 500

Grace Duckworth’s unique classes are intelligent and research based; her sweet smile underscores the sneaky physical effort required for her classes. Grace studied at the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram in Rollinsville, Colorado and based her classes on Sthira Sukham method – a distinctive approach of hatha practice that blends tradition with modern science.

As someone who suffered from depression and anxiety, Grace spent much of her time in my late teens and early twenties trying to achieve mental health through physical activity. Whether it was lifting weights, running, or taking a fitness class, she just needed to get her body moving. While finishing Associates degree in arts, she decided to take yoga classes for credit; this led her on the path of eventually becoming a teacher.

With much effort over the years, as a student and teacher, Grace began to recognize that yoga was much more than physical work. It was a practice in connecting body and mind, eventually leading to deeper efforts such as meditation. “On this search to discover the true nature of the Self,” she says. “I learned that yoga wasn’t something to ‘be done’ but rather a lifestyle to ‘be lived’.”

Grace spends her time sharing her earnest, authentic and unique approach with students across the Kansas City area as well as in out-of-town workshops and retreats and through distance learning.