Heather Healy

RYT 200

Heather Healy is always seeking to bring contemplative practices into each class she teaches, whether that is through the stillness of Restorative or the movement of Vinyasa, so that her students may experience the calming of the mind, the opening of the heart, and the silent stirrings of the Divine.

“Contemplative practices have taught me how to sweep out the noise of the world around and within. How to rest and even bask in silence, silence that every now and then becomes thick and full of Presence. It gives me eyes to see the beauty in everything, even those things that don't seem at first to carry any beauty at all. I am still learning, still practicing. Indeed, we never truly stop this process!” She says.

Heather has been practicing yoga since 2010. She earned her first certification in 2012 from Holy Yoga. She completed a second training at Urban Breath Yoga School in St.Louis in 2016.

When she’s not teaching you might find Heather chasing her ever growing baby boy Audric, hiking with said babe, her husband Luke and other four-legged “baby” Freddy, reading, or dabbling with pen and watercolors.