Comprehensive quality yoga education.

Westport Yoga KC

We follow a 12 month Comprehensive Curriculum to make sure you receive the highest quality yoga education in Kansas City.

We are teachers of the highest integrity, with the highest respect for the healing power of yoga. Each month we study a key aspect of Yoga Philosophy. Read more about our Curriculum HERE.

We focus on the Contemplative Practices of Yoga. Our classes can be vigorous -- we want to get you moving! And we believe it’s important to nurture stillness in both body and mind. Each class will teach yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and yoga poses. Read CLASS DESCRIPTIONS HERE.

We are Community Minded. Our students know each other, our teachers know our students and everyone is welcome. Our unlimited tuition program is the best value in town. Learn more about our MEMBERSHIP program here.

We have Caring, Highly Skilled Teachers.  Each teacher is dedicated to the art of teaching and truly cares about your journey toward health and healing.

We value excellence and professionalism. 

We start and end class on time. Doors open 15 minutes prior to each class; to protect you and your valuables, we lock the doors about 5 minutes after class starts. Please plan to arrive on time to respect your fellow students and teachers. Parking and Location details HERE.

Upcoming Classes