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Jamie Winter Dawson


Jamie is passionate about de-mystifying the creative process of art, yoga, & meditation to facilitate healing and inner calm.

Jamie Winter Dawson studied Fine & Therapeutic Arts at the University of Minnesota and has been a Visual Artist and a Fine & Therapeutic Arts Educator for 20 years. As a professional artist, Jamie has received residencies, awards, and visiting artist invitations and has exhibited at spaces including the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, the Paul Whitney Larson Gallery, the Soo Visual Arts Center, Silverwood Gallery, Kansas City Museum, and Minneapolis Museum of Art. As a Fine & Therapeutic Arts Educator, Jamie has worked with many individuals and groups including survivors of the Holocaust, Hurricane Katrina, World Trade Center, and Rwandan Genocide.

Jamie has been a practitioner of yoga, meditation & mindfulness since 2006. She completed her Trauma-Informed 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Karma Tribe Yoga with Yoga & Meditation Teachers Lauren LeDuc, Sedona Alvarez, Jennilee Toner, Grace Duckworth and Elle Potter in 2018.

She is currently completing a year long intensive with Psychotherapist & Master Yoga Teacher Ashley Turner and Storyteller & Master Yoga Teacher Sianna Sherman.