Janet Lee bio shot.jpg

Janet Lee

RYT 200

Typically a very goal-oriented, “Point A to Point B” person, Janet likes to play with what comes up in the moment during class—exploring the body’s little direct messages that arise, emphasizing the mindfulness of an asana or transition, or just enjoying the movement and breath. She often incorporates mobility work, strength-based moves and real world applications to give classes a functional, athletic twist.

Janet Lee started exploring yoga with Thom and Beryl Bender Birch in the 1990s and continued trying different classes and styles as she moved between New York City and southern California. She earned her 200-hour certification through Yoga Medicine (YM) and is pursuing her 500-hour credential with Yoga Medicine. She appreciates Yoga Medicine’s focus on anatomy and the broader application to the health care environment as well as Chinese medicine.

In addition to teaching yoga, Janet is a doctor of Chinese medicine and a health journalist. It’s a good day when she can tie all three of these things together.

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