Our Curriculum


The practice of yoga...

is a life-long philosophical and practical pursuit of surrender, healing and awakening.

At Westport Yoga KC we are committed to providing valuable yoga education grounded in the framework of the eight-limbs of classical yoga and interpreted to bring meaning to our current cultural landscape.  We rely on our own insight as well as thousands of years of collective wisdom gleaned by mystics and yogis passed down to us in sacred texts and personal teachings.

We are teachers of the highest integrity, with the highest respect for the healing power of yoga.

Each month we study a key aspect of Yoga Philosophy:

September: Ahimsa

October: Satya

November: Aparigraha

December: Brahmacharya

January: Asteya

February: Saucha

March: Santosha

April: Tapas

May: Svadhyaya

June: Isvara- pranidhana

July:  Pratyahara

August: Yoga Citta Nirodha


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As the Sutras say:  

“By sustained practice of all the component parts of yoga, the impurities dwindle away and wisdom’s radiant light shines forth with discriminative knowledge. Yoga’s eight component parts are self-control for social harmony, precepts for personal discipline, yoga posture, regulation of prana, withdrawal of the senses from their objects, contemplation of our True Nature, meditation on the true Self, and being absorbed in Spirit.”

–Yoga Sutras, II 28-29, translated by Mukunda Stiles