Sam Megraw

Sam MeGraw


 Sam graduated with her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga in February of 2017 from Stephanie Snyder at Love Story Yoga in San Francisco, California. With roots in Ashtanga, Sam has developed a passion for safely guiding her students, offering philosophy and dharma with the physical poses to help students achieve a well rounded practice both physically and mentally.  With a consistent practice since 2011, Sam offers strategic and fun sequencing with well-tailored playlists.  

Her teachers and influences are Marti Lee Bowen, Stephanie Snyder, Jason Crandall, Lauren Leduc, Laura Frank and others.

Her love story with yoga has been one of injury, healing and better mental and emotional health, experiencing decreased anxiety and depression. Before yoga, Sam felt she was missing her career purpose. As often occurs in yoga, she began to do the work, and received a clearer vision, becoming inspired to share her journey and the teachings that so profoundly saved her.

When she’s off the mat, Sam is chasing her nieces and nephews, raising Monarch butterflies and gardening with her husband Rob.