Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Westport Yoga KC is committed to providing the highest quality continuing education courses for yoga teachers in the Midwest. We offer 2 to 3 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Modules yearly, appropriate for yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of anatomy, movement patterns, healing modalities and teaching methodology.

Yin Yoga Advanced Teacher Training.jpg

Yin Yoga and Fascial Health

April 2019

This training includes anatomy of the fascia, exploration of Yin qualities of a yoga practice and sequencing to balance the energies associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Lines. We’ll discuss new research on fascial health and learn how to safely and effectively teach Yin Yoga in group classes at all levels.

Enhancing Mobility

November 2019

This Master Class has been designed to advance teaching style to guarantee improvement of mobility in students as quickly as one session’s time.

Develop the ability to guide students through postures with science based sequencing designed for the central population of practitioners, using the Sthira Sukham Method “Intuitive Body” formula.

Myofascial Release Teacher Training

March 2020

Learn how to effectively and skillfully teach Myofascial Release Techniques with private clients and within group yoga classes using current research about the role and the anatomy of fascia and connective tissues.

Read more details HERE: Myofascial Release and Fascial Health Teacher Training Event.